We were pretty prolific back in the day. Between 1989 and 1991 we recorded four 7"EPs, a split 7"EP with Bad Trip, a live flexi, and a live 7"EP, and released an LP compiling some of the 7"EPs. Then in 1995 Existence LP + CD came out, compiling all four of the 7"EPs, plus some demo tracks. In 2006 we came back with the Reactive 7"EP and CD, and in 2007 What We Build Together.
2007 What We Build Together 7"EP. 9 songs. Includes versions of "You Say You'll" in German and Hebrew.
2006 Reactive 7"EP. 14 songs.
1995 Existence LP. All four 7"EPs.
1991 There is No Man. 10 songs.
Only Sheep Need a Leader. 13 live songs.
Total LP "Time to Suffer Power" First three 7"EPs
Why Suffer? 12 songs.

Pay to GO! Split EP with Bad Trip

Root Canal 11 live songs. Rereleased in 1991.
Your Power Means Nothing. 11 songs. Rereleased in 1992, 1994, and then again in 2008.

And the Time is Now... 9 songs.

Demo 9 songs. Released as a 7"ep by Refuse Records in 2014.