14 songs. 12 minutes. September, 2006.
7"EP and CD-EP. (Now out-of-print)
CD has 11 extra live tracks
(originally released in 1990 as the "Root Canal" flexi).

Way too long in the studio with Don Fury in NYC and out came Reactive. Unfortunately at this point (May, 2013) it's totally out of print. Truthfully, it wasn't our best recording, so don't worry about it. "What We Build Together" - which was recorded in 2007 - is better.

Original Reactive spiel: Short, to the point, fast but not thrash, hardcore with meaning behind it. Songs cover political divisions ("Reactive" and "Bumper Sticker"), same-sex marriage (we're for it - "With this Ring" - which is written broadly enough to be for anyone), personal loss ("Left" and "Taken"), record collecting ("That Rare 7"EP"), wildlife conservation ("Wake Up"), some more political bullshit and personal stuff and really life and respect in general. But not in too heavy a way - more in a way that people can relate to. So - same GO!, different year.

Note that there was a regular cover, an alternate "With this Ring" cover, and the Test Pressing had it's own unique cover. Some copies had a color sticker of the band on the back. First press had text labels. Second press had band pics on the labels.

What's this "Alternate Cover" crap?
We're doing 230 of this alternate cover, which is full color and numbered. (the interior with the lyrics is identical to the regular cover)
How do you get it? You can get a copy (1 per person), and distributors get 1 copy for every 10 EPs/CDs you take (so - buy 20 EPs/CDs, you get 18 regular covers and 2 of these). Until they run out. Then they're gone.
Why do this? Well, it was fun, and a nice way to focus on same-sex marriage - and really marriage in general.
Distributors: Get in touch!