Here's a bunch of our songs - Enjoy! Mosh it up at home! (See the Lyrics page to better know what the hell we're saying).

You Say You'll

A Day to Fight For (our "gay anthem")
Why Suffer?
Our Scene
Pizza Boy (people seem to love this 2-second song)
Just Say GO!
Victim of Civilization
Betrayed By Flesh

Decline and Fall
Fear of a Gay Planet
(live - las(our "not as good" reunion record)g of European tour. Mike wrote this while he was still in SFA. Music originally written by SFA.)

The A-Train

The A-Train
What's Your Price?
(This appeared on the "Look at all the Children Now" comp LP that Sam Evac put out in 1990)

2007 (our "somewhat better" reunion record)
Room Enough on This World

2006 (our "not as good" reunion record)

With this Ring

(ego.) (Mike's other band 1992-1994)
So Unlike Mine
Bluer than Fuck
The Wrong Place