GO! was known for having lyrics that dealt with stuff beyond being stabbed in the back, true to the scene, united for unity, etc.
Pro-Gay and Lesbian; Feminist; anti-Racism and Violence. Power and Society and Civilization and, personal stuff, too, and the fun sing-a-longs and such.

King of Nothing
The King is dead
Long unspoken of
Yearned for power
But his power meant nothing at all
On the shoulders of the king
There is nothing - no way to survive
On the shoulders of the king
There is nothing - prepare to dethrone
Built himself a world surrounded by deceit
Gained the trust of no one
Without structure there must come the fall
Your Power Means Nothing At All
Your Power Means Nothing At All

A Day to Fight For
This life's not for apologies, excuses or justifications
It's not for running or hiding or pretending to be anything at all
Stand hard against their lies
Never compromise the position
Why not be Gay and be loud?
It's time to fight discrimination
We're not sick or perverted
Don't need pity or patronization
We're queer now and always were
No matter what idiocy you say
We cannot rest
So much to do
The rights you take for granted
Are ones you never knew
Working for a day of peace for Lesbians and Gays
and a world where no one is afraid to say
I am what I am - nothing more, nothing less
A day to fight for
A day to strive for

Just Say GO!
I've got not time to sit down
No time to waste
I've got so much to do
Ain't got not time to wait
No, I can't spare no time for you
'Cos you move way too slow
I've got no time to stay
I've just got time to go - GO!

Hard As
The muscles flex so hard
The music gets lost
Trying so hard to be tough
But what comes across?
Bigotry and violence
Achievements to be proud
But who gives a fuck
As long as the music’s loud
An idea whose time has come - it came and went, sorry guys
Oh, so, harder than harder than hard
So unconcerned with your actions
So unconcerned with this divisive show of force
Where are the ideas
to be retrieved?
They’re nowhere.
And there’s nothing left
Fucking nothing at all

Why Suffer?
We read along
and turn the pages
to see the last chapter
in this book
And I... see no regrets
I’ve got no need for this world
It’s just not made for me
Eyes wide open
I see for the first time
Life and death have no meaning and I realize
Why suffer when it’s all in your head?
Candles aboud, and these tears of emptyness
The meanings lost behind
a veil of propriety
Why live a life
so irrationably based?
The end faces us all
It’s not too much to grasp

Stretched at the seams
Pulled away from the center
No communication
Eyes glaze over
Every action has a spin
Every thought didactic
Hide every nuance
Always be reactive
This is how we live
This is where we live
This is our fucking world
Claw your way up
Lie attack and smear
We're walking through that looking glass
And who knows what we'll find, when we're here.

You Say You'll
You say you'll fight
Against me and mine
Against ours and we
Against all we could ever hope to achieve
You say you'll stand
Against freedoms and rights
Against all this country supposedly stands
You say a lot - but I say
With a little more respect we
Could have a lot more
Then you could ever, ever hope to achieve
You say you'll stand
You'll stand alone
You'll stand alone

Betrayed by Flesh
Betrayed by Flesh
I've tried, tried to ignore
Steel like rock
To be something that I'm not
Help me please for I am falling down
There's nothing left
Of which I'm sure
I may break
Or I may fall
Standing hard?
Walking tall?
This front I show I fool you all
This front I show I'll fool you all

Kept me sane
Kept me unaware
Kept me locked up
Kept me quiet
Kept me well fed
Gave me a place to live
Now I owe and I owe
Always kept dependent
It always seems
Kept - Always to be
Kept - Don't want to be
Kept - Don't need to be
And if I had to put it into words I don't thik that I would have the capacity
I don't know
I just don't fucking know
Kept me as a child
As a mental cripple
Not able to hold on
Always left behind
Kept me on target
Gave me a place to go
Now I owe and I owe
Always kept dependent

What's to day again?
I had to leave it behind
You tell me the year
You tell me the time
- But you just don't understand
I had to leave it
I had to leave it behind
- What's your name again?
I had to leave you behind
Couldn't shed no tears
Somehow it just wasn't right
- And you just don't understand
I had to leave you
I had to leave you behind
- I had to leave you behind
I had to leave you behind
- Don't ask me why I always end up
End up leaving you behind

With this Ring
I take your hand
And put a ring on your finger
Everything's the same
Yet everything's changed
-That love is universal
Is the most obvious concept
And so a lightbulb appears
Over the head of the world
- Taken along for a ride
We are a political football
Our lives up for a vote
'Cos they know that they're losing
- Life is about Respect and love
Life is about respect and love
Life is about respect and love
- I take your hand
And put a ring on your finger

And we’re already dead
A split second
And we’re a number on the news
Our lives erased
For being in the wrong place
Little pieces
To be swept away
Our location
is the newest shrine
We’re already dead
And we don’t even know it.