While on our California mini-tour in Jan, 2007 we hopped into House of Faith in Oakland to record new songs for this 7"EP - a co-release with Refuse Records (Poland/Germany) and Stress to Death(Italy).
Musically, it's GO!-style hardcore (of course) with some interesting twists and turns. Lyrically, we touch on a variety of topics. The title of the EP is taken from the song "Room Enough on this World" which about seeing people beyond an us-vs.-them mentality. "Too Religious" is about those assholes we all know who think god shines out their butts and feel the need to condemn others with their self-righteous bullshit. "Polar Bears are Drowning" is like duh - but it brings up the impact we're making on the planet - and the record lists some resources people can support to help offset what we're doing. Some other stuff, and for fun there's "Du Sagst" and "Atah Omer Sheh'", which are versions of GO!'s 1990's classic "You Say You'll"... but in German and Hebrew, respectively.
Yeah, the CD is short for a CD, but what're you going to do? (The CD is out of press, anyway, so no big)

You can buy directly from GO!, but we only have a few left, so maybe better to contact Refuse Records instead.

"Making this record was a very different experience than doing Reactive last year, or recording in 1989-1991. At those recordings usually Aaron and I would come up with songs and we'd pull them together and Jim and Steve would make them actually sound like something and there it would be. Steve also brought a couple of songs into Reactive.

"But with the new EP, we really did build it together.We each came to the studio with different little bits and pieces of songs and I of course had my book full of possible lyrics and little snippets of songs and everything came together much more organically. It was a great experience and the final music ended up being really awesome.

"Connecting with Robert from Refuse Records and Pietro from Stress to Death also made the record title seem even more so. Robert's label is oriented towards straight edge and Pietro has a queer focus and we straddle so many worlds that this project was a perfect opportunity for people - within the world of hardcore but in different areas of it - and around the world - to get together and create something."

- Mike BS, for GO!